Crosby Doe Associates

The Esherick House, Louis Kahn, 1961

Supervising architect: Galen Schlosser

Recognized worldwide as a key building of modern architecture of the 20th century, the Esherick House is a triumph not merely due to its groundbreaking intellectual sophistication and architectural resolution, but perhaps more importantly for the life enhancing qualities afforded its residents. Here the architecture, detailing, and craftsmanship, reminiscent of the finest work of the Craftsman Period, define a space which calms by its precision and visual orientation to the garden by noted landscape architect Frederick Peck. Daily, the nobleness and simplicity of the architecture subliminally enhances the occupants sense of well being, thus materially contributing to the improvement and enjoyment of life. With all the history and details of the property so celebrated, and readily available on the internet, not much more need be said other than to welcome you to experience this transforming work of architecture for yourself.

Property successfully sold.